Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Legal Help on Long Island

Legal Solutions When Debt Becomes Overwhelming

Since the current economic downturn began, Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings have surged. As unemployment has risen along with mortgage rates, more Americans need a fresh start, with less debt, freedom from harassment by creditors and the assurance that monthly financial payments can be met.

At the Lindenhurst, New York, law firm of Phillips, Artura & Cox, we have handled hundreds of bankruptcies since our founding in 1969. Our commitment to bankruptcy law has remained consistent for 40 years.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called “debt discharge” or “liquidation” bankruptcy, because non-exempt property is sold to pay off debt. Homeowners rarely lose their homes in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often along with a vehicle and certain personal items and assets. Chapter 7 can:

– Immediately halt creditor harassment, including contact by phone and by letter at your home and at your place of employment
Reduce or eliminate unsecured debt, including credit cards, medical expenses and utility debt

– Our attorney team includes members of the Bankruptcy Section of the Suffolk County Bar association, and we offer no-charge preliminary discussions of your debt and bankruptcy questions and concerns. For more information regarding our firm and your bankruptcy rights, contact our office.

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