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When you face legal challenges involving child support, you need competent, experienced and results-oriented legal help. But child-related legal issues don’t just involve the law. They are highly emotional as well and, for some, are among the most important of all of life’s challenges.

At the Lindenhurst, New York, law firm of Phillips, Artura & Cox, we focus on helping you resolve child support and child custody disputes by:

– Walking and guiding you through complex and confusing child support laws
– Being available for child support questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week
– Providing support throughout what can be a stressful and anxiety-causing process

Phillips, Artura & Cox, we are there for you as you pursue your child support and other family law goals. For experienced child support legal help on Long Island, call 631-226-2100.

Child support guidelines in New York clearly lay out support payment levels based on the parents’ earnings, the children’s needs and other factors. What, then is the role of a family law attorney?

We can work to ensure that the information used to calculate support is complete and accurate, then advocate for your rights. Are you or your spouse or partner self-employed? We can make sure that incomes are accurately reported. Do you need to raise the amount of child support you receive or reduce the amount you pay? We can investigate your claim and provide aggressive legal representation. For more information regarding child support laws and your rights, contact our office.

For experienced family law representation, contact the law firm of Phillips, Artura & Cox. We are available for evening appointments, charge competitive rates and are conveniently located south of Sunrise Highway by the Lindenhurst train station. To contact a lawyer, call 631-226-2100.