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Understanding Consumer Bankruptcy

The American bankruptcy law system is considerably different from that of most other countries. Instead of a policy of advantage to creditors, which is the prevailing system in most western countries, the American system places considerable emphasis on the fresh-start policy. Our attorneys at Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law, can help you understand your rights and eliminate your debts.

You Won’t Lose Everything In Bankruptcy

This policy assists debtors in building up a new estate by allowing them to keep a considerable part of their assets. It also helps creditors by preserving the bankruptcy estate, thereby possibly increasing the bankruptcy estate of the debtor. The exclusion of the debtor’s assets from his or her bankrupt estate is known as the exemption law.

Get A Fresh Start!

No one wants to go into bankruptcy, but bankruptcy serves a necessary role in the economy. Because the fresh-start policy of the bankruptcy system prevents a debtor from becoming a debt slave, never able to escape from debt. Bankruptcy provides debtors with an opportunity to restart their economic position by eliminating the majority of their debts, allowing a true “fresh start.” Unlike many debt relief “products,” a bankruptcy discharge wipes out debts permanently.

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