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DWI Defense On Long Island

Our attorneys at Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law, have provided aggressive criminal defense representation on Long Island since 1969. If you have been charged with drunk driving, contact a firm that has focused on DWI legal defense for decades. Our firm enjoys a solid reputation for results following drunk driving charges. Why?

More Than 50 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

We have handled hundreds of DWI/DUI defense cases. We have successfully reclaimed numerous vehicles that were seized/impounded in DWI arrests. Have you been arrested for drunk driving? For experienced criminal defense legal help on Long Island, contact our lawyers at 631-226-2100.

Your defense strategy following drunk driving charges and the potential penalties will depend on a variety of questions, including:

– Is this your first offense?
– Was property damaged?
– Was anyone injured?
– What was your blood alcohol content (BAC)?
– Did the police make errors?
– Was breath and blood test machinery properly functioning?

We can investigate the administration of your breath test and other elements of your case, and then negotiate to have your charges reduced or dismissed. In many cases where evidence is overwhelming, we have successfully negotiated to have charges reduced to “driving while impaired,” which carries significantly lower penalties. We have a long track record of success in getting charges dismissed or fines significantly reduced, or in negotiating a suspension instead of the revocation of our client’s license.

Contact Us For Help With DWIs

Before pleading guilty and resigning yourself to a criminal record, the loss of driving privileges and large fines, first contact us for a no-charge discussion of your case. Call our Lindenhurst office at 631-226-2100 or use our online form to schedule an appointment. We are available for evening appointments, charge competitive rates and are conveniently located south of Sunrise Highway by the Lindenhurst train station.