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Experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Legal Help On Long Island

Are you facing the possible foreclosure of your home, yet your bank refuses to discuss a loan modification? Are you struggling to keep current on your credit card debt, resulting in increased interest rates? Is a second mortgage on your home causing serious cash flow issues for you or your family?

Legal Solutions When Debt Becomes Overwhelming

In many situations, Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection provides effective and timely help when debt becomes unmanageable. For example, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can:

  • Allow you to pay off the debt at a payment rate you can afford, through a court-approved repayment plan
  • Provide immediate protection from foreclosure
  • Allow you to pay off the current debt at a small fraction of the total amount owed

Decades Of Experience With Bankruptcy Law

At the Lindenhurst, New York, the law firm of Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law, we have handled hundreds of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies since our founding in 1969. Our firm has been helping individuals obtain true debt relief for more than 50 years.

We can advise you whether or not bankruptcy makes the most financial sense for you and, if it does, provide hands-on legal help at every step in your bankruptcy process. We can:

  • Help you devise a five-year repayment plan and present it to the court
  • Negotiate with lenders
  • Help you in qualifying for a means test – this is crucial on Long Island because the high incomes and costs of living here do not conform to national averages
  • Initiate and manage “strip offs” and “cram downs,” which may result in the payoff of second mortgages at pennies on the dollar
  • Recommend a modification attorney regarding the negotiation of interest rates

Homes are rarely lost through Chapter 13. Instead, Chapter 13 gives you the power to negotiate effectively with lenders. Prior to Chapter 13, you had to ask lenders how they could help. After Chapter 13, you can often dictate terms to lenders.

Contact Us For Help With Chapter 13

For experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy representation and advice, contact the law firm of Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law. We are available for evening appointments, offer free initial consultations, charge competitive rates and are conveniently located south of Sunrise Highway by the Lindenhurst train station. To contact our lawyers, call 631-226-2100 or reach out to them online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.