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Suffered Injuries In A Truck Accident?

Car accidents and truck accidents are often grouped together in discussions of motor vehicle injuries. Truck accident cases, however, differ from car accident cases in numerous ways. For example:

– Truck accident claims can involve not just personal injury and insurance laws but also complex federal and state trucking regulations.
– Truck accident investigations can include the need to review truck maintenance histories and inspect equipment for defects.
– The records of trucking companies and drivers must be closely examined for alterations or duplication of drivers’ logs.

More Than Five Decades Of Helping People On Long Island

At the Lindenhurst, New York, law firm of Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law, we have handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident claims, including numerous truck accident cases. We are highly familiar with the complexities of tractor-trailer accidents and can provide experienced, effective legal help following injuries.

For experienced legal representation to pursue compensation for injuries suffered in a truck accident on Long Island, contact Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law, at 631-226-2100.

Our entire attorney team has recovered millions of dollars for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. We work with accident reconstructionists, doctors and other experts to investigate:

– Truck driver training
– Vehicle maintenance histories
– Overloading of trucks and failure to secure loads
– Driver negligence, including abuse of drugs and alcohol
– Drivers’ past work histories and criminal histories

We recommend that you don’t settle a truck accident claim without first consulting with an experienced truck accident attorney regarding your full rights.

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For a no-cost discussion of a truck or car accident claim, speak with our attorneys. For experienced motor vehicle accident legal help, call our Lindenhurst office at 631-226-2100 or use our online form. We are available for evening appointments, charge competitive rates and are conveniently located south of Sunrise Highway by the Lindenhurst train station. To contact a lawyer, call 631-226-2100.