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Issues With Orders Of Protection

Laws in New York state that govern domestic violence provide protection for abuse victims. Such disputes provide serious legal challenges for parties on both sides of the accusation. Victims can usually obtain fast protection, but often need legal help to secure long-term protection from abusive spouses and partners. Our attorneys at Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law, can provide experienced help you need with these very serious matters.

Orders Of Protection And Restraining Orders

Alleged abusers sometimes face false, opportunistic charges and serious legal consequences even before a conviction, including:

  • Legal disadvantages in divorce proceedings
  • Loss of the right to own weapons, which can be especially problematic for hunters, law enforcement officials and individuals in the security industry
  • Loss of the right to return home and spend time with children

Our Firm Has Served Long Island Since 1969

If you have been abused and need fast, affordable legal help to seek legal protection, or if you face domestic violence charges and wish to learn more about your options for contesting the charges, our attorneys at Phillips, Artura & Cox, Attorneys at Law, provide experienced representation and have decades of family law and criminal law experience.

Our firm can serve your legal needs in both aspects of domestic violence matters – family law and criminal law. If you face legal challenges regarding domestic abuse and orders of protection/restraining orders, we can help.

We have handled numerous cases involving domestic violence and abuse, and can provide effective legal help, from preparing and filing your petition for an order of protection to investigating and contesting unfair charges.

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